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Monday, February 25, 2008

Exciting News!!

Joyce Lucas, founder and owner of Make Mine Pink
has been named one of Country Living's 2008 Women Entrepreneur Honorees!!

Joyce founded Make Mine Pink in 2004, from a personal need to find other like minded women who were struggling to not only get their businesses started, but to gain the recognition their businesses needed to succeed. Not only did she create Make Mine Pink as an online shopping mall~ but she created a forum for the business women to exchange ideas and build friendships.

I am very proud to be a member of Make Mine Pink and to also call Joyce my friend.
Several of us will be in attendance when Joyce receives her award.....
all dressed in PINK and busting our buttons with pride!
Watch out Chicago, here we come!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Grandma G's is proud to offer a wonderful new item....the BigBottomBag!

For the past few months I have been scouring the internet for new items to offer on the Grandma G's website. I was most interested in finding items produced using vintage tablecloths,tea towels, and other linens........and I have found it!!

A lovely lady, and darn fine seamstress, LYNNE PARK, makes these wonderful bags from vintage linens.....cutters only, no usable tablecloths or other vintage linens are used!! Her product name is


Here are some facts about these wonderful bags:

**They are reusable and therefore Eco-friendly!
**They are made from reused vintage items...linens...again, Eco-friendly!
**They measure approx. 12.5" tall, 10.5" wide and a big 5.5" deep!
**Their design was inspired by the brown paper shopping bags with wide flat bottoms
we have seen and used for so many years in grocery stores!
**They are reversible!
**They can be gently laundered and line/air dried to be used again and again!
**They are very versatile......use them as your shopping bag, as a gift bag, book bag,
flea market bag......or whatever bag!!

Please visit Grandma G's to see the wonderful BigBottomBag for yourself! Also, stock up on Holiday items.....all Christmas and Valentine items are on SALE!!

Friday, February 8, 2008

We Have A Winner!!!

The yummy heart shaped box of See's Candies goes to........

Lynn at The Vintage Nest!!

Congratulations to Lynn and thank you all for your comments! Keep coming back.....more give-aways coming up in the near future!!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

I've Been Tagged!!!

I have been tagged by Christine at EXTRA SPRINKLES ! Watch I am lookin' for seven of you to the rules so you will be ready!!

Here are the rules:
1. Once you are tagged, link back to the person who tagged you.
2. Post the RULES on your blog.
3. Post 7 weird or random facts about yourself on your blog.
4. Tag 7 people and link to them.
5. Comment on their blog to let them know they have been tagged.

Now, here are the 7 weird or random facts about me!!

1. I love peanut butter and Miracle Whip sandwiches.....I can hear you all
gagging! My Dad taught me to eat them!!
2. I have collected over 1000 vintage textiles....more than half are tablecloths!
3. I have 1850 volunteer hours at a Presidential Museum!
4. I have met more than 100 political and Hollywood celebs
5. I have worked at a Presidential funeral and also at the funeral of Bob Hope
where I literally, and of course, accidentally, rubbed up against Tom
Selleck and also escorted Mickey Rooney to his seat in the church!
6. I lived in Germany for 2 years
7. I once taught the Mayor of Whittier, CA how to brush his teeth! here are the lucky ones I am going to tag!!

1. Roxie at JORABEEL'S
5. Sharon at C'EST CHOUETTE
7. Debbie at COZY COTTAGE

Tag you're it ladies!!