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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Make Mine Pink Friday!~Blossoms and Blooms!

It's time for shopping with a Twist~Friday, April 30th! Please join Grandma G's!!


The beautiful blossoms and blooms of spring refresh my senses and feed my soul. They usher in warmer days of working in the garden, taking tea on the porch with friends, placing fresh cut flowers in vases throughout the house. Both indoors and out, I love to surround myself with blossoms and blooms and all the pleasures of spring.

Outside in the garden, my cheery plot of bright red tulips is among the first to bloom. In the middle of their friendly faces, I plant a ceramic plaque with the words "Welcome friends." Spring birds, attracted to the rainbow of colors blooming in my yard, inspire me to add pretty painted birdhouses and wrought iron birdbaths so they'll feel at home.


Blossoms and blooms are flourishing inside the house too. They grow along the edge of the vintage linen tablecloth I put on the table each spring, in carefully placed threads of pink, red and green. A garden of spring flowers decorates the notepaper and envelopes I keep handy on my writing table and floral shaped soaps rest on an antique dish at the edge of the bath. In my china cabinet, dainty roses and buds encircle much treasured, heirloom teacups and plates.

In my bedroom, another spring garden comes to life. French ribbon roses adorn a favorite pillow. Hand built ceramic roses, replace tired and worn drawer pulls on a favorite vanity. A delicate floral pattern dances around the edge of the vintage handkerchief draped over a lamp shade close by the bed. On the bed, a needlepoint pillow displays pink stargazer lilies surrounded by burgundy roses. I'm almost certain the fragrance of spring hangs in the air as I fall asleep each night.


Blossoms and blooms, wherever they may be found, are the heralds of a new season – one filled with sunny days, dear friends, vibrant colors and rich musical sounds. In their presence, life seems more beautiful and my soul feels more alive.

Joyce Lucas, Founder
Make Mine Pink

Photo Contribution 1: Forget Me Not Dreams | Photo Contribution 2: Shabby Shan's Cottage| Photo Contribution 3: Angel Heart Designs

Friday, April 23, 2010

Kitchen Ceiling Re-Do....Ugly to Almost Gorgeous!

For 11 years we lived with an ugly ceiling light box in our kitchen.You know the kind; fluorescent light tubes covered by yellowing panels of plastic finished with a so-so moulding frame. I have no before photos: photograph!! Here are a couple "work in progress" photos.....

DH will paint and then install crown moulding around the interior. We had the can lights installed, with a dimmer switch....nice! Loving the bright level work light and also the very low night light mode!

Again, day-by-day!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Celebrating Mom!

Please join Grandma G's and Make Mine Pink for shopping with a twist on Friday April 23rd 2010 as we present "Celebrating Mom"

I can remember wanting to be just like Mom when I was a a little girl. And now, with grown children of my own, when I catch myself sounding like my mother, or when other people tell me I somehow remind them of her, I feel a rush of pleasure and nostalgia. I’m proud that I've become like the woman I admired and loved so much.

One day a year doesn't seem enough to celebrate someone whose life has influences ours in so many ways. Sometimes the perfect gift can convey the message of the heart so much more clearly than words.

Giving Mom gifts that have nostalgia attached to them can be a big hit. A vintage-inspired hankie might spark a memory of her mom who carried one just like it in her purse. A pretty vintage apron, bringing back memories of cooking for her own young family. Postcard pictures with images of yesteryear can stir up memories she’d long forgotten.Sometimes a carefully chosen accessory, such as a tote bag specially made for your mother or a unique piece of heirloom jewelry might be the ideal gift. A silver charm can be engraved with a special message of love, or just bear the memory of a daughter who loves her. Whenever she puts it on, you know she'll smile at the thought of having you close to her heart.

Floral designs, lace trims, satin ribbons, paper roses can brighten up just about any corner of her home or her day. Whimsical decorations chosen to sit in a favorite corner, hand-poured soaps to help her relax at night, beautiful albums of cherished memories to place on the coffee table. Carefully chosen pieces to remind her that she's treasured.

Whatever message you want to give your mother this Mother's Day, and all through the year, you'll find the perfect way to say it at Make Mine Pink.
Joyce Lucas, Founder
Make Mine Pink

Photo Contribution 1: Rose Blossom Cottage| Photo Contribution 2: Antique Boutique| Photo Contribution 3: Esprit de Joie

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Making Life Changes...A Trek into Retirement!

These days my life is full of activity and new words in my vocabulary. Oh, they are words I knew before just never used in relation to my life...... like retirement, staging, downsizing. Yes, it is time in our lives, mine and my DH's, to not only use those words but DO them!

So, here is the beginning of our plan:

We are finishing, doing or re-doing projects in our home to STAGE it for the best presentation while it is listed for sale. Basically, making the place look like we always wished it had for the 11 years we have lived here! Why do we put off the changes we wanted to make for our enjoyment until they are a necessity? Lots to do in this category!!

We are packing boxes and boxes of clutter.....not my word, our realtor's word. I don't have clutter. Its all gorgeous decor! They use clutter a lot when describing anything in your decor that will distract the would be buyers from seeing the house! Just one question....where do I store the boxes and excess furniture so IT isn't clutter???!!

Ahhh, the DOWNSIZING. This is taking all the lovely THINGS you have collected in 44 years of your life, lived with in 3200 sq ft and squeezing it into a 2000 sq ft space....are there girdles for houses? Sure, I can eliminate some of the furniture but what about those family pieces that we have inherited and mean so much, what if they don't fit? This is by far the most difficult thing to do.....choosing what goes and what stays. Oh, and, don't forget this includes all the excess tools in the ginormous outside workshop and fitting it into a 2 car garage with the stuff already in our current garage. I have to downsize my 29 bins of Christmas decorations?? Yikes!!

All of the above is being done to make RETIREMENT possible. My DH loves his job, but he is at "that age" when it's time to stop and do the things that make life easier and possibly happier. I'm not so sure easier and happier always apply but at least what he does will be his choice! I've heard the stories from other wives about their retired hubbys spending the day two steps behind them, not knowing what else to do. Doesn't sound like what I'd like but then I know my DH has a mind of his own and things he is looking forward to doing so I am not worried.....really, I'm not! I do think he deserves to retire and to have the freedom to plan his own days.....hopefully he won't mind spending some of them with me!!

My idea is to bring you all along with me on this trek through staging and downsizing and into retirement. Hope you don't mind making the journey! Tomorrow I will post a couple of photos of some of the progress we are making!! If you have advice to share, PLEASE feel free to post a comment!!

Taking it all day-by-day!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Hope that spring has arrived wherever you are and that you are all enjoying sunny, warm days, blue skies, and gardens in bloom! It is beautiful here in So California with temps in the 80's but we have had a little too much wind today!
I'm excited because I leave tomorrow for eastern Tennessee....near Gatlinburg, I think(?).....well in the Smoky Mtns.....for a retreat with some ladies from Shabby Lane Shops!!! We are staying in a magnificent cabin....looks way to big to be called a cabin don't you think? Oh, boy, a ladies only weekend of getting to know each other, good food (we will all be preparing meals...just look at that kitchen!), crafts, and SHOPPING!! Can't wait!

**BTW, if you shop at Grandma G's between April 8-12, (and I hope you will!) your purchases will be shipped after I return!!**

Happy Spring to All!

Thursday, April 1, 2010


In March I entered the drawings at The Shabby Chic Cottage, "Spring Fling".....and I won!! My name was drawn from those who left comments about the gorgeous "Moment in Time" charmed necklace made by Amber @ Timeless Treasures!!! Amber sells her lovely creations at her etsy shop !

If you missed the fun event be sure you are there next time for the Spring many generous people donated their creations for Spring Fling giveaway prizes.....and all you have to do is post a comment!! How much easier can it be?

Thank you Gina for being the hostess of this fun event and Amber for donating MY prize!!
Love, hugs, and Happy Spring to you both!