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Friday, January 29, 2010


You met Debbie, from Scentsy in my previous post and now I have a surprise for you.....drum roll..... I am excited to tell you that Debbie has offered a
Warmer of the Month: Hugs and Kisses
(that's it over to the left!)
+ a bar of the Scent of the Month: Berry Blush

as a GIVEAWAY to one of my readers!!
To Enter:
*visit Debbie's Scentsy site, then come back and post which warmer you like best....
* be a follower on my blog
*and if you post a notice of this giveaway on your blog you will
get another entry!!

**Do all the above and you will have FOUR chances for this incredible
prize to be yours....a $31.50 value!!!**
Enter Jan 29th-Feb 3rd...winner announced Feb 4th and prize
will be shipped to you to use for Valentine's Day!!
** Make sure to tell me in your comment that you are a follower and if you have posted the giveaway on your blog!!**

Best of luck to you all!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Vintage Valentine at Make Mine Pink!

Please join Grandma G's and Make Mine Pink for shopping with a twist on Friday January 29th, 2010 as we present "My Vintage Valentine"


Valentine’s Day evokes thoughts of nostalgia and romance. Memories tied together with faded ribbons and trimmed with antique laces, telling of first romances long ago, loving grandparents holding hands, and loves that have endured across long years and distances. Romantic memories stirred by your great-grandmother’s secret love letters, bound carefully by silk ribbons and bows, and tucked into a hat box stored in the back of a closet shelf. Stacks of vintage postcards, with words of love gracefully written across the back and faded images of another time. They speak of long-ago romance and promises that would be kept for many years to come.

A vintage handkerchief, hand-embroidered with tiny hearts and delicate flowers, tucked into the corner of a handbag or decorating the top of a night stand, adds a touch of romance to your everyday life. You were never sure where it came from, except that it belonged to someone who treasured this delicate souvenir of her love. Lifting the lid of an antique dresser box, a silver locket, still hanging from its antique chain, which once kept those loved dearest, close to heart.

Faded photographs placed in vintage frames upon an antique bookshelf, tell of romance and happy times. The stories of lives built together fill the pages of a vintage photo album, now gracing your coffee table. You pick it up and slowly flip through, remembering the faces you used to know, and imagining stories about the ones you don’t recognize.

Beautiful vintage boxes for candy and romantic treasures, decorated with old-fashioned fabrics, handmade lace and satin ribbons, perfect for storing your favorite Valentine memories that your children and grandchildren will treasure for years to come.

Add a touch of romance to your home or gift giving this Valentines Day.

Joyce Lucas
Founder, Make Mine Pink

Photo Contribution 1: The Pink Rose Cottage | Photo Contribution 2: Tres Belle Boutique | Photo Contribution 3: Coeur d'Alene

Come shopping and find that special gift for your special someone!

Sweet Smell of Scentsy!

If you haven't had the experience of having a Scentsy warmer in your home, you are really missing out on a treat! Click the Scentsy link here or in my left sidebar to read about what they have in store for will not be disappointed! Scentsy makes wax warmers in styles and colors to match your decor and wax in aromas that can leave your home smelling like a bakery, like the fresh outdoors, or the cool ocean breezes, or even like warm spices! Yummmm!

For the past few years I have had the pleasure of bi-monthly manicures done by my sweet friend, Debbie. Several months ago she introduced me to Scentsy and now I am addicted! Debbie has now become a Scentsy consultant and part of every manicure appointment is spent enjoying the aromas of her little wax samples!

I would love for you all to "meet" Debbie so please visit her Scentsy website or if you are in the Fullerton area of California, call her for a manicure!! Either way you are in for a treat!

Here is a little about her 'in her own words':
"I have worked in the Beauty Industry as a Manicurist for 24 years and I am still loving my job and all of my most generous clients. I work with lotions and potions all day and realize the power of aromatherapy. It is interesting to watch how scents can trigger certain emotions or memories. Scentsy offers 80 different scents and people love to smell all of them. I started hosting Scentsy Basket parties for my friend Lynne. (She is now my Sponsor). I earned many free and discounted items and was soon hooked! I am a total Scentsy addict. I have warmers in every room of my house and on some days it smells so good you could lick the walls! I soon realized there was a business opportunity for me in becoming a Scentsy Consultant. If you like scented candles like I do you will love the Scentsy product and because the wax is melted with a low watt light bulb, not a wick and flame, it is so safe! The wax is melted to just above body temperature so it won't burn the skin. This is child and animal friendly! When I leave my home I never have that "Did I snuff out the candle fear!" I just remember it is as if I left a night light on. I leave some of my warmers turned on 24/7. Enjoy!"

Wishing you a Scentsy day!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Please join Grandma G's and Make Mine Pink for shopping with a twist on Friday January 22nd 2010 as we present "Winter Whites"
Decorating with whites can be very calming and serene. White is the color of new snow under sunny skies and fresh linens drying in the breeze. Winter whites represent everything that is clean, chic, and sparkling. They create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.
But when decorating with this monochromatic tone, your design elements can easily blend into one another and become lost in a sea of white. It’s almost essential to break up an all-white pallet by adding visually interesting pieces to your décor. These will draw the eye up and away from the all-white background, and make the winter whites all the more stunning in contrast.

You can use pieces like long, interesting branches sprayed in silver with glitter glass to fill a tall vase in the corner of a winter white room. Antique mirrors with attention-getting frames, turned into trays to hold reflective candles, their dainty shadows dancing off the white painted walls. Or vintage candlesticks, tarnished with beauty and years, as an eye-catching centerpiece on a white linen cloth, in a dining room of winter white.

Warm beige and understated accents can add warmth to a room decorated in cool winter white. A chandelier in pale green when hung from the ceiling of a winter white room. A special pitcher in the color of the sea combines nature’s own pallet with your winter whites. A floral wreath that bids everyone welcome.

Stitched items can bring interest and a feeling of coziness to a winter white décor. Creatively designed cushions tucked in to the corners of a white sofa or lounging chair. Vintage needlepoint pillows in pastels or tonal colors and hand-stitched quilts to hang on a white wall, with designs that capture the imagination.

Don’t let the pristine coolness of winter whites keep you from decorating in this elegant tone. A few interesting accent pieces will help you create a white décor that refreshes the eye and the spirit.
Joyce Lucas, Founder
Make Mine Pink

Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Join Grandma G's and all the Shabby Lane Shops for Tuesday's Treasures!! Theme: NOT JUST CHOCOLATE AND ROSES! Valentine's Day is coming and there are many treasures posted to give as gifts to someone special....or maybe even for you!!

Have fun shopping!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Cathy's Valentine Swap

My sweet friend, Cathy, of Treasured Heirlooms and Elegance & Whimsy, is having a fun Valentine Swap!!

I am not a crafty type but wanted to participate in some small way and since
so many of my bloggy friends ARE crafty,
I decided to let you all know about the swap!!

Just click the cute Valentine above and get all the details......
(you must register by January 8th)
then put on your craft hat and have loads of fun!!

Happy crafty swapping!!