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Thursday, May 28, 2009


Oh, my goodness!! I have reached a milestone.....104 blog posts and I want to say thank you by having a giveaway for all who have come down this road with me!!
The theme of this giveaway is, what else, PINK!!
To win my box 'o goodies, please make a comment on this post telling me which of the last 50 posts was your favorite!

I will select a winner by numbering the posts in order received and use the Random Number Generator to pick a number!! If you post a link on your blog, leave another post here to let me know and your name will be entered TWICE!!

Oh, you want to know what you will win?!! Here is a list:
*a packet of PINK hot chocolate mix
*a pretty PINK hand-painted heart note card
*a Christie Repasy bookmark
*a PINK and white crocheted doily
*a sweet little PINK, with PINK rose, pin dish
*a vintage PINK embroidered huck tea towel
*a vintage PINK tablecloth with white dogwood flowers
*an Anna Griffin rubber stamp kit

Posting starts today and, since I will be away from June 1-7, I will choose and post the winner on June 8th when I return.

Thank you all for visiting my blog today and all the other times you have been here. I hope you will continue to follow me in the all are very special to me!!

PINK hugs!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

I have my Pink friend Andie at What's Poppin' at Brown Bee Studio to thank for this "Honest Scrap" award...thanks sweet Andie!

To accept this award I must thank Andie and link to her blog (which I have done, just click her name!) and list 10 honest things about myself along with a copy of the honest scrap image; also award 7 other bloggers with the links.

Well, here goes.......

1. I am a confirmed chocoholic.......cover nearly anything in chocolate and I will eat it!!.....notice I said NEARLY ANYTHING!!

2. I have a vintage tablecloth collection of approximately 600 cloths that are mine and about that many to sell........shhhhh, don't tell my DH, he knows there are a lot but I never mention a number to him!

3. I consider myself a Californian but I was actually born in Indiana.

4. I have over 2000 recorded volunteer hours as a docent at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library.

5. I can knit and needlepoint but it has been years since anyone has seen me do either!

6. I have traced my maternal ancestors back to the House of Hapsburg in Austria and also have a relative who fought in the Revolutionary War.....someday I will be a DAR member!

7. I drug my DH, DD and DS to historical sites on every family vacation....especially love seeing the California Missions, anything involving the Civil War, European cathedrals and all art galleries!

8. I am OCD......I count my steps everywhere I go and I know that from my bedroom to my laundry room it is 67 steps!

9. I am very shy and unsure of myself in most social situations.

10. I HATE to swim.

Now, I choose to award the following friends!

Becky at Sweet Cottage Dreams
Priscilla at Sweet Remembrance
Patricia at Patricia Rose
Holly at The Pink Rose Cottage
Dawn at My Hydrangea Home
Eileen at Forget Me Not Dreams
Janet at Janet's Creative Pillows



While we enjoy this holiday weekend with friends and family, firing up the barbeque to eat our burgers and hot dogs, please remember why we celebrate this day. We celebrate our many freedoms fought for and won by brave men and women who today cannot be at home with their families and for those who have given the greatest sacrifice and laid down their lives to guarantee us the joy of this day!

Remember and honor them all!

I will remember this brave WWII soldier, my Dad who served when called.....and thankfully came home to enjoy the freedom he fought for....I miss you Dad!

Giving thanks to all who gave their tomorrows so I can
have mine!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Cherished memories........
Old photographs, yellowed with age; Dad's pocket watch, the hands of time still ticking, maybe slower than before; a delicate needlepoint, not quite completed, wrapped in tissue and waiting to be rediscovered on the bottom of a hope chest.

Pieces of the past, your most cherished memories, seeking a place in the present. The faces in the photo may have grown up or passed on. The fingers that wound the watch and pulled the needle now lie still. But these memories remain, and ask to live again. Much loved tablecloths, used for special family occasions; Grandma's rhinestone brooch, tarnished with years, but twinkling with the possibility of renewed life; scented letters bound with a faded ribbon, tucked away for a granddaughter to read of a great love. Cherished memories that make your lips smile and your eyes shine!

Maybe you'll set the table with your mother's cloth, and tell everyone about your favorite family Christmas when you were a child. You could brighten up the dulled brooch and pin it on your favorite church dress. Perhaps it's not the right time to share your letters with your granddaughter, but tonight could be a good night to tell her a story about when you were young.

Old French perfume bottles lining a bedroom shelf; antique silver spoons with intricate designs, soon to be polished and re-purposed into delicate silver jewelry; cozy quilts stitched from well-loved clothing. Your most cherished memories, much too precious to remain hidden. You feel a little flutter as each is carefully uncovered and made new. Everyone will wonder what great secret lies behind your sudden sparkle, but the feeling is too powerful for words!

Please join us for shopping with a twist on Friday May 22, 2009 as we present "Cherished Memories"

Written by:
Joyce Lucas, Founder
Make Mine Pink

Photo Contributions:
1: Rose Blossom Cottage
2: Rose Petals and Blooms

Create new memories with found treasures from the Make Mine Pink Boutiques!!
Happy treasure hunting....

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Please join us for shopping with a twist on Friday May 15, 2009 as we present "Romantic Roses"

We're in love with roses. From the gentle scent of the first spring rose to the hand painted roses on re-purposed furniture, we surround ourselves with the beautiful flower and its romance everywhere we can. In a bedroom, fabric pillows and slipcovers covered in romantic red roses and buds. On a sofa in the living room, needlepoint pillows rich in history and memories, with the most intricate rose designs. On a dresser or hallway table, a pink porcelain rose tucked into the corner of a vanity tray, reminiscent of a dresser tray that held my mother's prized perfume bottles.

Perhaps our love of roses springs from the memories they awaken. A broken china charm painted with a blushing rose evokes an image of the hand painted rose china my grandmother carefully brought out whenever I came for tea. Silk roses placed in a hand painted tea pot remind me of the fragrance of fresh cut roses from my mother's rose garden. Ribbons of hearts and roses across a folding fan recollect a fan she might have held on a hot Sunday morning in church.

Or perhaps it's the myriad of messages a rose can express without saying a word. A rose wreath on an embossed card adds the words "I care about you" to everything you write. A welcome wreath of pink and purple roses hung by the front door announces "Welcome!" to all who enter. Vintage postcards adorned with roses by some of our favorite rose artists from the 1800s, framed and displayed proudly in our homes, inspire our imaginations with possibilities that could have been penned.

For whatever reason, one thing is sure. Romantic roses capture our hearts and fill our homes!


Photo Contribution 1: Candy Lights
Photo Contribution 2: Pale Pink and Roses

Article written by:
Joyce Lucas,Founder

Warm hugs!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Beautiful blues… the classic colors of sea and sky. Once a year, beautiful blues against crisp, clean whites adorned the blue and white issue of Victoria Magazine. Do you remember how you anticipated your copy? Blue is calming and serene. It's a coastal color, often used in bedrooms and rooms of relaxation. From delicate pastel to a deep, emboldened navy, adding blues to your d├ęcor can evoke a tranquil yet often vibrant mood.

In the bathroom, perhaps a white towel edged with beautiful blue forget-me-nots and pale blue trim. On the kitchen table, a teapot or tea cup with a blue floral pattern, or a shabby blue tea cozy that warms a pot with beautiful blue, waiting for a friend.

White pillows dressed with lavender blue roses or embroidered bluebirds on a white bedding set. On a bedside table, a white vintage doily with blue accents and edging, a grandmother's white hankie stitched with a dainty blue ribbon. A blue and white needlepoint cushion set carefully upon the bed - an elegant white lily surrounded by a blue fringe. On a white fleur-de-lis shelf, a Battenberg lace fan with vintage millinery flowers, in a color pronounced "bleu". A vintage robin's egg blue bottle stopped with white fabric flowers, tied with a pale blue bow. A white bowl hand painted with blue morning glories. Hanging on the wall, a French ribbon glitter plaque of white doves and blue roses. By the front door, a nautical tote bag that reminds you of the sea. In the craft room, oceans of blue and white fabric, or a sprinkle of blue flowers. Near the telephone, a handcrafted notebook, embellished with blue sky. In a jewel case, a single blue bead on a string or a classic blue cameo.

Stitched bluebirds, hydrangeas and bows. Tiny blue lights, sweet as cotton candy. Handmade bouquets of blue roses, or a single blue pansy. Beautiful blues surround us, and remind us we are home.

Please join Grandma G's and Make Mine Pink this Friday, May 8th for shopping with a twist......Beautiful Blues!!

Photo Contribution 1: Noelle Garrett Designs Photo Contribution 2: C'est Chouette
Article written by Sharon at C'est Chouette.

Warm regards,

Monday, May 4, 2009

Mother's Day Shop Hop Giveaway Starts Today!!

No purchase necessary to play. Just visit the boutiques and find the shopping bags and then enter into a drawing to win the associated prize! Have fun shopping and best of luck!!
Register at the link below and then visit Grandma G's to hunt for the bag and do a little shopping!!

To register:

Happy Shopping!

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Ohhh, this is one event you do not want to miss!! Where else can you shop for beautiful gifts.....for Mom or yourself.....and play a game to possibly win a fabulous prize??? Only at the Make Mine Pink Shop Hop!! You must register to play, then hunt for the shopping bags hidden just one click away from the home page of each participating MMP boutique.....easy peasy, right?!! A sample of the "You Found It" bag you will be hunting for is posted it and get registered because the fun starts on Monday, May 4th!! A list of the participating boutiques, rules for play and prizes are all on the same page!!

Grandma G's is one of the participating boutiques and there will be new items listed just for the Shop Hop! Please shop early so you don't miss out on your favorite treasures!!

Good luck and Happy Shopping!!