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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Lily and Her Silly Pink Aunties!!

As if the Country Living event wasn't enough excitement for one weekend, our Joyce decided we needed a contest.....a make your own Outrageous Tiara contest!! Let me tell you the ladies of MMP are the ones to go to for tiaras of any style!! Imaginations ran wild! After all the prize for the best, most outrageous one was a gorgeous tiara diamond ring!! We had so much fun and the judges had a tough decision to choose the best from many and then from the four finalists.

Roxie, Jorabeel's and Business in the Bag

Sharon, C'est Chouette;
Gail, ColorYourWorld.etsy; and
Janet B, Janet's Creative Pillows

The four finalists!! Christine, Extra Sprinkles;Michelle, Rose Petals & Blooms; Francie, The Scented Cottage; Cathy, Treasured Heirlooms

And the winner is.........Michelle, Rose Petals
and Blooms!!Her creative tiara was two stories high (well almost!),PINK (is there any other color?) and it was lit up like the Sears tower!!
Congratulations, were a vision to behold!!

In addition to all the Tiara queens we had our own little Princess Lily, daughter of Katie and granddaughter of Joyce.........sorry, Joyce, I seem to have lost your head in this photo but Lily did steal the show all evening!! Isn't she just THE sweetest?!!!

Here is Lily again being held by Grandma Joyce, her Aunt Sarah is on the left and her
Mommie, Katie is behind!
And all the rest of us were and are Lily's PINK

Now you may think this is all there is to the story but you would be mistaken.......more tomorrow!!!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Country Living Women Entrepreneurs!

The Country Living Women Entrepreneurs: A Celebration of Creativity was a wonderfully fun and informative event! Twenty-four members of Make Mine Pink were there to support and congratulate Joyce Lucas, founder of Make Mine Pink, as she received the recognition of being one of nine women selected as the 2008 Women Entrepreneurs!!

The program included several speakers:
Nancy Soriano, Editor-in-Chief of Country Living;
Anna Griffin, founder Anna Griffin, Inc;
Susan Mernit, Yahoo! Product Developer;
Heather Bailey,;
Beth Ferreira, Etsy, Inc;
Lena West, CEO of;
Ann Fox & Donna King, founders of Room Service Home;
Tamara Monosoff founder & CEO, Mom Inventors, Inc

Each one shared a message related to success in business filled with encouragement,
ideas to make the web work for your business and how to unleash your dream with boldness and creativity. They filled the entire room of 600 guests with hope and visions of being successful!! Quite inspiring! Then the nine WE's formed a panel to share their experiences.....nine interesting, accomplished women who took their dreams and made them into successful businesses......again, inspiring!

We were served box lunches and treated to a wine and cheese reception at the end of the day. There was a lot of networking, passing of business cards and lively conversation being shared by all. I was so happy that I'd had the opportunity to attend and came away filled with enthusiasm for my business, Grandma G's!! Changes will be me grow!!

Pictures of some of the MMP ladies in attendance!
Christine, Extra Sprinkles; Karen, Sweet Necessi-Teas and Lori, Katie's Rose Cottage

Francie, The Scented Cottage; Cathy, Treasured Heirlooms; Christine, Extra Sprinkles

Michelle, Rose Petals and Blooms

More blogging from the Chicago Outrageous Tiara Contest in a couple of days!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Oh, my! I've been away so long........

Hello, Fellow Bloggers!
Hope you all had a wonderful, blessed Easter holiday!! It's been so long since I have posted a new message! Sometimes life interrupts!!

After my last post, I was concentrating on getting ready and then making my trip to the Country Living Women Entrepreneur Event in Chicago......what an exciting and fun trip we all had......a subject for another day real soon....with pictures!! Since I have been home, I have been feeling poorly......BOO HOO!! But I am on the mend now and will get caught up very soon. I have several things to share!!

Today, I'd just like to let all of you know what I have on sale at Grandma G's!! There are the Easter items; many items containing the color GREEN in honor of St. Patrick's Day; items contained in the Yard Sale category and so many other things scattered throughout Grandma G's too numerous to list........please come shop for a bargain!!

I'll be back in a day or two with more to report!!!

Friday, March 7, 2008


Calling all Make Mine Pink Forum Members

As you may be aware, the members of Make Mine Pink who are attending the Country Living's WE afternoon are having a contest also ~ "The Most Outrageous Tiara Contest"~ where we will see each others tiaras up close and personal. So as not to leave anyone out of the 'fun' (did someone say fun?) Make Mine Pink will be hosting the "Queen for a Day" on the forum.

Here are the rules of play:

Design and create your outrageous PINK Tiara yourself.
Submit 1-2 pictures of you wearing your Tiara by Tuesday March 18th! (it must be YOU in the picture wearing the tiara)

All pics will be posted and a vote will take place! Only current and participating forum members will be allowed to vote!

The winner will receive the beautiful tiara ring and the gorgeous book-Crowns & Tiaras.

All forum members NOT attending the Chicago event are eligible to win this fabulous prize!

Not a member of MAKE MINE PINK yet?'s easy to join!!

Sunday, March 2, 2008


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