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Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Please join Grandma G's for shopping with a twist on Friday, March 27, 2009 as we present Easter Memories.

On Easter mornings, when we were children, we would awaken to discover spring had magically arrived overnight… and delivered some delightful surprises. The world was new again and filled with treasures just waiting for us to discover them. Tall chocolate bunnies hidden in springtime flower beds. Eggs, delicately painted like rainbows, waiting in the grass. Plush rabbits in ruffled dresses and straw hats, sitting in white baskets, eager to become our very special friends. We'd hunt together with our friends and family, oohing and aahing over each person's discovery… but secretly knowing that the treasures we found were made just for us.

Now that we're older, the newness of spring and the thrill of the annual Easter hunt can be rediscovered every time we seek out a treasure in a vintage shop or exclusive boutique. Perhaps we're not searching for chocolate wrapped in sparkly foil or rainbow colored treats. We might not even be sure what we're seeking, but we recognize these treasures the instant we see them.

A vintage hankie embroidered so delicately you can't help but wonder about the woman behind its design; a crystal bracelet reflecting a color that's "just so" when the sunlight shines on it in "just that way"; the ideal display for a certain corner that's been looking slightly forlorn - not missing just anything, but the perfect thing.

The moment we discover them, our hearts feel a little thrill and, just for that moment, the world is new again and we feel reborn. As if someone hid this treasure in a secret corner just for us to find, and our hearts recognize it before we even know what we've discovered.

At Make Mine Pink, you may not find the foil wrapped bunnies or the colorful eggs, but you will always discover a thrilling hunt for the perfect treasure that stirs up feelings of spring.

Joyce Lucas, Founder

Warm bunny hugs!


I have chosen a small treasure to show you this week! Do people still have these bronzed baby shoes made?? This pair belonged to my sweet husband, Chris, about six decades ago!! His Mom saved them and then gave them to me. I love them and keep them displayed in my living room on a little stool, also a family treasure, made by my great-aunt Lois. Don't you think they are cute here?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Come join MommySweetMom for Things In My House Thursday and share the things in your house!!

When my grandmother was sixteen, in 1915, her parents gave her this desk. After she died, way too young at age 63, my grandpa used it for awhile and when I visited him in Indiana (after I was married) he gave it to me, and he said, "I want you to have Grammie's desk because I know you will take good care of it". I have had it for 35 years now and just love the way it looks in my living room. It holds many family mementos and they all make me smile when I see them!!

The glasses were my Mom's, they sit on a book that she gave me years ago; the framed photo is of my grandpa, at age 4, and his older sister, Ilo Mae; the letters tied in a pink ribbon were written by my great-grandmother to her children and other family members and behind the photo is a cloisonne stamp box that belonged to my great-aunt, Grammie's sister, Lois. The little metal elephant was Lois' too. Books on top of the desk belonged to various family members. Thanks for letting me share another "thing in my house" with you!

See you next Thursday!! Have a great week....


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Shop Pink Friday with Make Mine Pink

Once in a while, it's fun to take a detour from the normal "a place for everything and everything in its place" ritual and include some whimsical touches in our daily routines. Add a few teasing twists to the poised beauty around us with unexpected delights that give us a little flutter.

Tucked away in the corner of a beautifully painted, chic shelf filled with plates covered in hand painted roses, a gossamer-winged fairy, sprinkled with German glass glitter speaks of a side of us that we all let peek out now and again. From a romantic Victorian display made of white vintage wire, a gold garnished teacup and saucer edged with pink and blue buds, spill out another whimsical treat: a tiny bird with a bejeweled beak in a doily nest. The formal tea set with a splash of frivolity reveals a secret sense of silliness we hope to never outgrow. A fairy's magic wand, trussed with a garden pink ribbon and planted in a basket of practicalities, adds an unspoken wish for excitement. Small dashes of dreams make ordinary items extraordinary and diffuse a fine mist of fantasy and fun into everything you do.

Paper cupcakes on a tray, teapots tied with bows, a porcelain doll collection in the corner of your room, fairies dancing on pink cupcakes, lacy vintage doilies and gossamer bows. Whatever causes your whimsical self to feel a little flutter - whether be it owls, the newest (or the oldest) collectible, a small hand blown glass kitten - celebrate your whimsical side and surround yourself with things that make you smile.

Joyce Lucas, Founder
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Grandma G's doesn't have whimsical fairies, and yummy things covered in glitter to offer you for Pink Friday but we do have some very whimsical vintage linens! Check them out here!!

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Saturday, March 7, 2009

It's Time for another Make Mine Pink Shop Hop!!

The joyful march into spring begins, a cacophony of bird calls fills the blue skies, the trees show their fresh green buds, and the tulips start to poke their heads from the earth to face the sunshine. Colors are about to burst forth, and the earth will be new again. With fresh eyes, we are stocking our shelves with pretty greens, bright yellows, vibrant pinks, and beautiful blues. For the Boutiques at Make Mine Pink, spring cleaning is over, and we would love to show off our fresh new colors and exciting spring merchandise.

Please join us for our "March Into Spring" Shop Hop from March 16 through March 21, 2009. The shop hop is open to anyone that would like to participate (limit one registration per physical address). Please register if you would like to participate.

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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Well, here it is nearly the end of the day and I am just getting my "Things in My House Thursday" item posted......better late than never, I guess!

I want to share with you one of my favorite places to take a time out for me. Our living room is, most of the time, an unused room.....we walk by it, through it but not often do we sit there. So, it is usually uncluttered, quiet and calm. It is the place I go to read, sometimes write letters or just have a cup of tea and watch a fire in the fireplace or the trees outside the window as they blow in the breeze. My favorite chair is here. It's squishy, soft and feels like a big hug when I curl up in it!

Behind my chair sits another of my favorite things: our antique grandfather clock. Just after we were married, in 1966, my DH was drafted into the Army. This was the time of the war in Viet Nam and I am thankful to say that DH didn't have to go there. Instead, we both went to Bamberg, Germany for nearly two years. What a beautiful countryside! We had very little money to spend so we drove around our city and explored!! There was a farm just outside of town with a barn full of clocks, antiques even then, so before we returned to the US we shopped the barn. We bought wall clocks for each of our parents, one for us and the grandfather clock you see in the was only $100 and the Army shipped it home for us with our household goods!! I love to hear it tick-tock and chime on the half-hour and hour. It completes my comfy, cozy corner!

Thanks for visiting my special place. I think I'll go fix a cup of tea and read my book for awhile.....come join me!
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Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Please join the participating boutiques at Make Mine Pink for shopping with a twist on Friday, March 6, 2009 as we present "An Altered Point of View".

Pieces of lace, vintage postcards, time-worn mother-of-pearl buttons. Each piece exquisite in its own right, but coming together to bring art to a new height. Used postage stamps, a well-read letter, shimmery beads, a butterfly’s broken wing. From an altered perspective, they are no longer insignificant souvenirs of times past, but innovative creations that inspire new memories to be made.
To soar to such heights of beauty, inspiration requires a sturdy foundation. An altered piece of art might be built upon a beloved book, pulled from a forgotten shelf. Begin as an empty cigar box, scented with fading memories. Another may have once been a forlorn jewelry box, still eager to display an unexpected gem. These are stunning works of art born from abandoned items, repurposed in the most exciting ways.
To a careless eye, they may look to be a random assemblage of objects. From an altered perspective, they join together for a united purpose. Perhaps they combine to evoke an emotion – radiant joy, enduring hope, an unspoken sorrow. A collage that celebrates a color, creates a texture, reminds us of a scene. Or perhaps each item has been thoughtfully selected in honor of a day, a season, someone you love.
Possibly they were first brought together with no intended purpose at all; the only intent in joining them was to discover what they could become. But as the objects blended and merged and found their own space, an altered perspective revealed a meaning that could not have been anticipated. Where there was once nothing, we now find a myriad of meanings significant to many, or a single meaning decipherable by one.
An altered work of art that forever changes one’s perspective.

Joyce Lucas, Founder
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Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Farm Chicks are Having a Giveaway!!

Just click on the photo to go to the Farm Chicks blog and enter!! Good luck!!