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Monday, August 15, 2011

my world of boxes and bubble wrap

Oh, my, goodness! I have been away a long, long time! I do have a good reason for being MIA......Mr GG, our puppy, Marlee, and I are moving!

Our home sold 17 days after we listed so we have spent the last month and a half packing! Where did all this stuff come from? Even after much purging and setting aside the good stuff for a humongous yard sale, we have mucho stuff. It's like we are living in a warehouse with all the boxes around.....take a look......

every room has stacks like these.....Home Depot loves us!!

Our house is to be tented this week for termites.....pesky little guys.....everyone in this area has them but we will be termite free very soon. Then Thursday, the 25th the big moving trucks arrive to take all our junk treasures to our new home!! Then comes what? UNPACKING!! Yikes!

It is a joy to decorate and get settled into a new abode but the new house is 1200 sq ft smaller......maybe we will have two yard sales!! I just know there will not be enough space to accommodate all. these. treasures. Mr GG will be retiring soon so we are downsizing to a cozy home for two and a puppy!!

So, my bloggy friends, I will be absent a while longer and when this move has been completed I will share the settling in on the other end......

Enjoy the last of the summer months and get those kiddos ready for back to school and we will visit again soon!