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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Lily and Her Silly Pink Aunties!!

As if the Country Living event wasn't enough excitement for one weekend, our Joyce decided we needed a contest.....a make your own Outrageous Tiara contest!! Let me tell you the ladies of MMP are the ones to go to for tiaras of any style!! Imaginations ran wild! After all the prize for the best, most outrageous one was a gorgeous tiara diamond ring!! We had so much fun and the judges had a tough decision to choose the best from many and then from the four finalists.

Roxie, Jorabeel's and Business in the Bag

Sharon, C'est Chouette;
Gail, ColorYourWorld.etsy; and
Janet B, Janet's Creative Pillows

The four finalists!! Christine, Extra Sprinkles;Michelle, Rose Petals & Blooms; Francie, The Scented Cottage; Cathy, Treasured Heirlooms

And the winner is.........Michelle, Rose Petals
and Blooms!!Her creative tiara was two stories high (well almost!),PINK (is there any other color?) and it was lit up like the Sears tower!!
Congratulations, were a vision to behold!!

In addition to all the Tiara queens we had our own little Princess Lily, daughter of Katie and granddaughter of Joyce.........sorry, Joyce, I seem to have lost your head in this photo but Lily did steal the show all evening!! Isn't she just THE sweetest?!!!

Here is Lily again being held by Grandma Joyce, her Aunt Sarah is on the left and her
Mommie, Katie is behind!
And all the rest of us were and are Lily's PINK

Now you may think this is all there is to the story but you would be mistaken.......more tomorrow!!!

1 comment:

Francie of The Scented Cottage said...

Oh my ! We did have a lot of fun but I have to say the best part was holding that precious little bundle.

Great reporting G !