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Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Image by: Sharon Wollman of C'est Chouette Home

Spring is here, and you don’t even need to look outside your kitchen window or open your front door to know it. Just waking up to the sweet melody of a backyard robin cheerily singing outside your window is enough to tell you that life is renewed and spring is reborn. The birds of spring have returned and the earth reawakens.

Outside, in our fenced yards and open fields, brightly colored bluebirds and streaked song sparrows flit between tree branches and land carefully among the budding leaves. Singing songs of love to each other, chirping madly over jealousies. Bringing home odds and ends to build their nests - bits of bright string, broken twigs. Items insignificant to everyone else, but the stuff of life for the feathered set.

With the return of spring, we find our winged friends building homes in every unclaimed corner…. under the eaves of buildings, in riverbanks, on rocky ledges, suspended from tips of tree branches, hidden under flaps of loose bark. Even in the nest boxes we offer up with hope. Hanging baskets, mail boxes, old boots, flower pots. Any place that somehow looks like home.

No matter where we live, or what the season, avian accessories create eternal springtime in our homes too. Birds and their nests placed carefully upon our shelves, painted delicately on a wall, stitched on a delicate needlepoint. Perhaps we invite into our homes the same birds we see each spring.

Parrot green, robin’s egg blue, bright canary yellow, flamingo pink. A rainbow of color unfurls inside and out of our homes in the hopes of eternal spring.

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Joyce Lucas, Founder

Happy Spring!!


Deanna said...

A beautiful post Georgia!

Wishing you a wonderful Easter holiday!

Deanna :D

Mrs. G said...

What a lovely post. The avian pillows are so beautiful. Thanks for spreading the word about the giveaway. Good luck and happy Easter to you and yours.

blushing rose said...

I thoroughly enjoy your blog postings. May you & your family be blessed & have a beautiful blessed Easter. Thank you for being a blog partner ... TTFN (Thank Thy Father Now) ~ Marydon

Piney Rose said...

Hi Georgia,
Love your blog and your website! I'll be back. Thanks for visiting mine.