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Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I have been away from my blog for so long and thought today, my birthday, would be a good day to make my return!! I have missed being here and hope that you have taken notice of my absence....if you haven't, then why am I here?!!!

Being a fairly nostalgic kind of girl (hee-hee), er, woman, I have been looking through family photos and decided to share a few from days gone by in honor of the day!

This is 'moi' at six months with my handsome Daddy trying to make me pay attention! I miss you Dad.....

At two years...notice the bangs! I had a major cowlick and still do!! I will not smile, I will not smile....and you can't make me!! Even, or especially, at two I had an iron will!!

My fourth birthday! The bangs have
calmed down a bit. I have no idea who all these kids are but they liked me.....they
brought presents!!

This one is at five years with
my two brothers; Breck, 16 months and Geoff, 2 months. My sweet Geoff has gone to heaven and I miss him so much! He always called me on my birthday and sang to me!! Breck doesn't
sing but he does call and whistle Happy Birthday....well most of it....we always end up in giggles before he finishes the song!! I love my bro's!!

Skipping ahead.....I am 38 yrs and dressed to attend my 20th high school reunion! Still the bangs! This was taken at my parents and I think the large bags contained all they would need to babysit our sweet Lindsey. She loved being spoiled by Grandma and Papa!!

In 1997, at age 49 yrs. again with Geoff (left)
and Breck. Taken in my backyard at my parents 50th Anniversary celebration!

My hubby, Chris and I in Germany. Taken in 2005 on our last all family vacation. We have been married 43 years now.....hoping to make it to 50!!

That's it....I won't bore you with anymore family album photos! I had several more but they wouldn't scan too well so you got lucky!! Thanks for indulging me my escape into the past!!


Tanza said...

Happy Birthday to you !! What a wonderful walk down memory lane.. what a little doll you were, and look just as wonderful all growed up !! hahaha.. Can you believe how the time just continues to fly by !! Amazing...Hoping your evening is wonderful, and full of birthday surprises !!
Big hugs ~tea~xo

Nancy @ La Chambre Rose said...

Happy Birthday! I loved the pics through the years.

Tins and Treasures said...

Happy Birthday...I loved your post today. I am impressed with your progression of pictures. So happy to know you in blogland! ~Natalie

The Pink Rose Cottage said...

One a doll, always a doll!

Hope you had a wonderful birthday!