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Monday, October 5, 2009


Wow! October already.....where did September go? October brings to mind the beginnings of fall and the holiday season, Halloween ghosts, goblins and trick-or-treat for most of us. But, for me, a breast cancer survivor, and the thousands of others affected by breast cancer it is a month of HOPE! Hope that one day soon we may find the cure so no more women will die from this dreaded disease, that no one will have to lose their life or the life of someone they love.....we WILL find the CURE!!

The research to find the cure costs, alot. Donations come in throughout the year but in Pink October the effort is stepped up and more attention paid to the need. I hope that those who are able will visit the Susan G. Komen website and make a donation in honor or memory of someone you know; and daily, visit The Breast Cancer Site to click and help provide free mammograms for those who cannot afford costs you nothing but a minute or two of your time but helps so many! You CAN make a difference!!

For yourself, remember that early detection is key to survival so PLEASE do monthly self-exams of your boobies and get an annual mammogram!

Pink October gives me a chance through Grandma G's to send donations. I have placed pink ribbons, like the one to the left, on many of the items listed on my site and when you purchase one of those items, I will donate 10% of the sale price to Susan G. Komen!

Please come shop, buy, and help me to donate to find the CURE!

Wishing you health, happiness and fun shopping for the Cure!

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