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Friday, December 3, 2010

MMP Friday Shopping Event December 3rd "Sleigh Bells and Winter Roses"

Please join Grandma G's for Make Mine Pink Friday Shopping!!

"Sleigh Bells and Winter Roses!"

There’s something magical about the Christmas holiday. I can still remember lying in bed on Christmas eve when I was a child listening for Santa’s sleigh bells! The faint ringing in the distance meant that Santa would soon be arriving. To this day, when I hear a sleigh bell ring, it brings back the magic and excitement of my childhood all over again.

Christmas Eve has always been a special time in our home when young and old alike gather. The buffet table is always a sight to behold. Vintage china plates are stacked high with desserts and tea sandwiches, each almost too beautiful to eat! Glorious red and white winter roses fill vases of all sizes throughout our home. Bows in glittering shades of silver and gold make the roses themselves look as if they’re shimmering.

Vintage tablecloths with the reddest of roses and bright sprigs of holly, dress our holiday tables. Pillows propped on chairs and benches, embellished with Santa’s jolly face, and surrounded with bright winter roses and mistletoe.

From the most whimsical Santa to the most elegant winter rose, there’s a place for each in our holiday decor. Everything about the Christmas season is magical and seems like the perfect fit.

The Boutique Owners at Make Mine Pink wish you the most magical holiday season ever!

Joyce Lucas, Founder
Make Mine Pink

Happy Pink Shopping!

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