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Thursday, January 21, 2010


Please join Grandma G's and Make Mine Pink for shopping with a twist on Friday January 22nd 2010 as we present "Winter Whites"
Decorating with whites can be very calming and serene. White is the color of new snow under sunny skies and fresh linens drying in the breeze. Winter whites represent everything that is clean, chic, and sparkling. They create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.
But when decorating with this monochromatic tone, your design elements can easily blend into one another and become lost in a sea of white. It’s almost essential to break up an all-white pallet by adding visually interesting pieces to your décor. These will draw the eye up and away from the all-white background, and make the winter whites all the more stunning in contrast.

You can use pieces like long, interesting branches sprayed in silver with glitter glass to fill a tall vase in the corner of a winter white room. Antique mirrors with attention-getting frames, turned into trays to hold reflective candles, their dainty shadows dancing off the white painted walls. Or vintage candlesticks, tarnished with beauty and years, as an eye-catching centerpiece on a white linen cloth, in a dining room of winter white.

Warm beige and understated accents can add warmth to a room decorated in cool winter white. A chandelier in pale green when hung from the ceiling of a winter white room. A special pitcher in the color of the sea combines nature’s own pallet with your winter whites. A floral wreath that bids everyone welcome.

Stitched items can bring interest and a feeling of coziness to a winter white décor. Creatively designed cushions tucked in to the corners of a white sofa or lounging chair. Vintage needlepoint pillows in pastels or tonal colors and hand-stitched quilts to hang on a white wall, with designs that capture the imagination.

Don’t let the pristine coolness of winter whites keep you from decorating in this elegant tone. A few interesting accent pieces will help you create a white décor that refreshes the eye and the spirit.
Joyce Lucas, Founder
Make Mine Pink

Happy Shopping!

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