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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Please join Grandma G's for "Color Me Pink" shopping with a twist on Friday May 7th 2010 then check out the other MMP boutiques for more pink shopping!!

I’ve been a huge fan of pink for a very long time now. But all of a sudden, it seems that everywhere I look, I see more and more pink. I remember when pink was a color that was pretty much reserved for little girls' dresses and women's boudoirs. But now, one of my very favorite colors is being used in home d├ęcor and accessories of all kinds. I have to say, I am really enjoying the fact that pink is a color that will no longer be ignored.

In some homes, pink is finding its way into every little nook. You'll see a pink slipcover on the living room sofa, pink drapes on the windows, pink knick-knacks on the shelves. For me, my love of pink is satisfied with just a touch here and there. A vase of pale pink flowers on the table, a pink framed mirror hanging in the powder room or an antique pink teapot brought out for tea parties with the girls.

Mixing the various shades of pink can create a feminine and warm feeling in any room. But a single pink piece in an all white room can capture just as much attention. Even when it's used subtly, like pink tatting on white towels, a pink cushion on a favorite chair, pink always catches the eye.

What is it about pink that makes us love it so? Perhaps pink is so attractive to us because it can be used in any theme, from feminine to chic, from romantic to modern. Or perhaps we're drawn to pink because it's the color of play and delight.

Whatever reason that pink catches your fancy, you’ll be delighted with what you’ll find at Make Mine Pink. While Make Mine Pink is about so much more than just the color pink, you will find plenty of pink here!

Joyce Lucas, Founder
Make Mine Pink

Photo Contribution 1: Shabby Shan's Cottage| Photo Contribution 2: Caroline Alexander|

Enjoy PINK shopping!


Marydon Ford said...

As a child, pink was my favorite color. 'Redheads don't wear pink!', I was told a bazillion times ...
Hence, I am sooo into pink!, anywhere, anytime, anyway I can be.

Your pics are absolutely wonderful.

Have a beautiful Mother's Day.
TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

Tins and Treasures said...

One of my daughters chose pink for her bedroom. So...accessories in pink always catch my eye!
Take care ~Natalie

Lisa said...

Pink is the most delicious color--I've always loved it!