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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Well, here it is nearly the end of the day and I am just getting my "Things in My House Thursday" item posted......better late than never, I guess!

I want to share with you one of my favorite places to take a time out for me. Our living room is, most of the time, an unused room.....we walk by it, through it but not often do we sit there. So, it is usually uncluttered, quiet and calm. It is the place I go to read, sometimes write letters or just have a cup of tea and watch a fire in the fireplace or the trees outside the window as they blow in the breeze. My favorite chair is here. It's squishy, soft and feels like a big hug when I curl up in it!

Behind my chair sits another of my favorite things: our antique grandfather clock. Just after we were married, in 1966, my DH was drafted into the Army. This was the time of the war in Viet Nam and I am thankful to say that DH didn't have to go there. Instead, we both went to Bamberg, Germany for nearly two years. What a beautiful countryside! We had very little money to spend so we drove around our city and explored!! There was a farm just outside of town with a barn full of clocks, antiques even then, so before we returned to the US we shopped the barn. We bought wall clocks for each of our parents, one for us and the grandfather clock you see in the was only $100 and the Army shipped it home for us with our household goods!! I love to hear it tick-tock and chime on the half-hour and hour. It completes my comfy, cozy corner!

Thanks for visiting my special place. I think I'll go fix a cup of tea and read my book for awhile.....come join me!
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Denise said...

love your pink chair Georgia! I can see why its a comfy spot.

MSM said...

I can imagine myself in your chair for hours, :)

The clock is really cool; what great memories.

Thanks for joining TIMHT - and it's always better to be late than never! LOL

The Pink Rose Cottage said...

Gorgeous chair Georgia!!! And what a wonderful story about your beautiful clock!