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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Make Mine Pink Friday Shopping Event....Tomorrow!!

MMP Friday Shopping Event August 20th "Working Around the House".....please join Grandma G's!!
With the arrival of summer, our lives take on a slower pace. As the lazy days of summer roll in, we take the time to enjoy picnics, and outdoor family gatherings. Strolls on the beach replace our fast paced schedules. Before we know it, we start to notice the evenings are a little cooler and a few leaves are beginning to change and drop.

Our nesting instincts return. With the kids getting ready to go back to school, there will be more time to spruce up your home in preparation for the upcoming season. It's time to start thinking about creating a cozy fall home, cooler days, and more family time spent indoors.

Living spaces that were created outdoors over the summer, are stored away for another summer season. Afternoon teas in the garden return to the kitchen, now fragrant with a spiced potpourri simmering on the stove. A favorite fall tablecloth spattered with warm autumn flowers, replaces the bright colors of summer. A favorite reading nook gets cozied up with a vintage chenille throw and a few new cushions and pillows, rich in the hues of autumn.

This is traditionally the time of year we start fall cleaning, tucking away summer accents and decorations until next year. Candles rich with the spicy scents of cinnamon and apple pie, replace the lighter florals of summer.

Lace curtains that carry the breeze gently through our homes, are stored away with a lavender sachet, for warmer seasons to come. Heavier curtains in warm fabrics and vibrant shades, adorn the windows. Keeping the warmth in and the outside world out.

The fragrances of fall fill you with expectation. The familiar scents reminiscent of feelings of peacefulness and contentment. You find yourself smiling at the memories of days gone by.

When the house is all cleaned and fall accents in place, we start thinking about fall projects awaiting us. The old frames and corner shelf that you picked up at summer flea market, become the next painted projects. The vintage fabrics you found at a favorite online boutique, spread out in all it’s glory for your inspiration.
There's much to do around the house when fall moves in, yet somehow, we never seem to mind. We settle back into our routines and enjoy the results of our work around the house.

For inspiration and ideas to create your own cozy fall retreat, come visit the boutiques at Make Mine Pink.
Joyce Lucas, Founder
Make Mine Pink

Photo Contribution 1: Grandma G's | Photo Contribution 2: Patricia Rose

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