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Sunday, August 15, 2010

My 45th High School Reunion!!

We have just come home from Encinitas, CA where my 45th HS reunion was held at the home of Marshall and Debbie Hockett! Marshall was ASB President of California High School, Whittier,CA, in 1965 and graciously opened his beautiful home to his fellow alumni for a wonderful celebration!
Thank you so much Marshall and Debbie!!

I'm not sure what the official count was, but I believe somewhere near 45 people in attendance....a small but lively crowd of alums and spouses!

Here is a group photo.....there may be a few alums missing and spouses were not included in this photo:
That's me, third one up on the left with our host, Marshall, right behind me!!

What a joy it was to see friends from so long ago.....some seen since we graduated all those years ago but several not for 44-45 years!! I finally got to see my sweet friend Jeanne....not seen since she was a bridesmaid in my wedding 44 years ago!! Soooo great to see you Jeanne and so many more wonderful friends!

For those who could not make it (and will hopefully see this or many others photos shared online or otherwise) you missed a terrific time; great friends, great food and fond memories shared.....don't miss the next reunion!!
Hope to see you, and those who attended last night,
at the 50th!!

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