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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Shopping at the Ventura Flea Market!!

Hi, my name is Georgia and I am a flea market addict. There, I said it but please don't recommend a 12 Step Program....I don't want to recover, or reform!
In Southern CA I have a choice, monthly, of three or four fleas to attend; three are close-by so I do go often. The furthest one is the Ventura Flea Market. It's about a 2 hour drive or, like last Sunday, 3 1/2 hours due to a horrific accident on Highway 101 that created a ghastly traffic jamb! And oh, how badly we felt about those involved in the accident.....instant prayers were said.

The Ventura Flea Market is near the ocean (see the palm trees?) and is a wonderful place to shop. There are usually about 500 vendors and thousands of buyers every time it is open!!

So when we arrived, my adrenalin was rushing as we approached the entrance and then we were off for several hours on "the hunt"!! Wish I had photos of the day but my camera batteries died so missed taking any. I will share pics of my purchases!!

About ten steps inside I found my first purchase.....this cute framed bird needlepoint!

Next, a set of two corbel shelves......don't you love the chippiness?!!

A set of two glass 1/2 gallon milk bottles in a metal carrier.....I remember milk delivered to our porch in similar bottles when I was growing up!
Ahhh, memories.....yes, I am older than dirt!!

Won't these cute wooden containers be pretty on a desk.....maybe yours? Look at the roses!!

My grandma had a sewing basket like this one!
This one is full of pins, needles, spools of thread and miscellaneous sewing needs!!

My last purchase was on the way out the gate! It's a lovely Fitz and Floyd Christmas Platter.....I just love the festive ribbon and candy scattered all around! Most of these purchases will be listed in my shops but the birdie is mine!!

May all of your flea market, antique store and estate sale shopping be fruitful!!

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