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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Making Life Changes...A Trek into Retirement!

These days my life is full of activity and new words in my vocabulary. Oh, they are words I knew before just never used in relation to my life...... like retirement, staging, downsizing. Yes, it is time in our lives, mine and my DH's, to not only use those words but DO them!

So, here is the beginning of our plan:

We are finishing, doing or re-doing projects in our home to STAGE it for the best presentation while it is listed for sale. Basically, making the place look like we always wished it had for the 11 years we have lived here! Why do we put off the changes we wanted to make for our enjoyment until they are a necessity? Lots to do in this category!!

We are packing boxes and boxes of clutter.....not my word, our realtor's word. I don't have clutter. Its all gorgeous decor! They use clutter a lot when describing anything in your decor that will distract the would be buyers from seeing the house! Just one question....where do I store the boxes and excess furniture so IT isn't clutter???!!

Ahhh, the DOWNSIZING. This is taking all the lovely THINGS you have collected in 44 years of your life, lived with in 3200 sq ft and squeezing it into a 2000 sq ft space....are there girdles for houses? Sure, I can eliminate some of the furniture but what about those family pieces that we have inherited and mean so much, what if they don't fit? This is by far the most difficult thing to do.....choosing what goes and what stays. Oh, and, don't forget this includes all the excess tools in the ginormous outside workshop and fitting it into a 2 car garage with the stuff already in our current garage. I have to downsize my 29 bins of Christmas decorations?? Yikes!!

All of the above is being done to make RETIREMENT possible. My DH loves his job, but he is at "that age" when it's time to stop and do the things that make life easier and possibly happier. I'm not so sure easier and happier always apply but at least what he does will be his choice! I've heard the stories from other wives about their retired hubbys spending the day two steps behind them, not knowing what else to do. Doesn't sound like what I'd like but then I know my DH has a mind of his own and things he is looking forward to doing so I am not worried.....really, I'm not! I do think he deserves to retire and to have the freedom to plan his own days.....hopefully he won't mind spending some of them with me!!

My idea is to bring you all along with me on this trek through staging and downsizing and into retirement. Hope you don't mind making the journey! Tomorrow I will post a couple of photos of some of the progress we are making!! If you have advice to share, PLEASE feel free to post a comment!!

Taking it all day-by-day!!


Jackie said...

Good Luck on your new journey!

The Pink Rose Cottage said...

Hang in there Georgia....Cut the Christmas decor in half...but keep ALL the tablecloths! LOL